Isolation, Culture and Transduction of Adult Mouse Cardiomyocytes | Protocol - adult cardiomyocyte culture


adult cardiomyocyte culture

3.1. Goals of primary cell culture. The overall goal of primary adult cardiomyocyte cell culture is to produce a homogeneous population of cells that can be maintained over a longer time period than acutely isolated cells, allowing more lengthy experimental treatment and measurement of parameters, in as near to in vivo conditionsCited by: 356.

May 21, 2014 · There are some atrial cardiomyocyte cell lines, like HL-1 and AT-1 cells derived from mouse atrial tumors; however, there are no adult ventricular cardiomyocyte cell lines available for research. Primary cell cultures of adult mouse cardiomyocytes provide a powerful model for heart research at the cellular and molecular levels.Cited by: 24.

Although several reports exist of adult mouse cardiomyocyte isolation, few studies demonstrate their long-term culture. Presented here, is a step-by-step method for the isolation and long-term culture of adult mouse cardiomyocytes.Cited by: 2.

Isolation and Culture of Adult Mouse Cardiomyocytes for Cell Signaling and in vitro Cardiac Hypertrophy. Daxiang Li 1, Jian Wu 1, Yan Bai 1, Xiaochen Zhao 2, Lijun Liu 1. In summary, adult cardiomyocyte culture from genetically modified mice is a powerful tool for cardiac research. However, future work should keep in mind the genetic Cited by: 24.