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Adult Literacy Programs that Change Lives. Helping adults gain literacy skills helps reduce poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights around the world. Our powerful network of over 400,000 members, customers, donors, partners, and advocates around the world carry out programs and projects that change lives.

Adult Literacy Program. The Adult Literacy Program is a partnership with the New York City Adult Literacy Initiative (NYCALI), the City’s system for providing literacy and English language services for adults and out-of-school youth over the age of 16.

Planning an Adult Literacy Program. Chapter 24 Sections. For all these reasons, many communities support adult literacy programs. This section provides some information about adult literacy and some guidance about how to plan an adult literacy program. Math: "Numeracy" or "mathematical literacy" usually refers to the ability to perform.

Adult Literacy Education (ALE) is a new online, peer-reviewed, themed research journal published by Proliteracy twice a year. The new editors are Alisa Belzer, Rutgers University, Amy D. Rose, Northern Illinois University, and Heather Brown, University of North Carolina – Charlotte.