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adult levels of cognitive capability earlier than they evince emotional and social maturity. On the basis of this re-search, the authors argue that it is entirely reasonable to assert that adolescents possess the necessary skills to make an informed choice about terminating a pregnancy but are nevertheless less mature than adults in ways that.

According to research (Brown et al., 2002), college students are more than twice as likely as other adults to report _____. delayed sleep phase syndrome Your brother, who is also in college, is very intelligent, but he seems to like engaging in many different extracurricular activities rather than studying.

Sep 27, 2010 · This study provides a valuable local perspective with regards to the adolescent lifestyle and behaviour. As young people become adults and move out of their parents' orbit, they can become agents of positive change: they have the dynamism and flexibility, but also the perseverance required to make change from within.Cited by: 23.

Societal Influences on Adolescents and Young Adults. Environmental factors contribute to the health of adolescents. Adolescent behaviors are influenced at the individual, peer, family, school, community, and societal levels. 8 Because many sectors of society contribute to adolescent health, safety, and well-being, a collaborative effort that engages multiple partners is necessary.