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This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution. It can be used either as an enhanced version of the oblivion launcher\'s data files selector, or as a more advanced mod manager when mods are specially packed into omod files.

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Clocks of Cyrodiil by WillieSea (06/2007) v1.00 Adds clocks that "I personally like" to the land of Cyrodiil, including clock towers, street clocks, grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table top clocks. Clocks show accurate game time.

guide to installing mods oblivion - written by and for idiots 2019. i made videos so you don't even have to read. thats right with about 30 minutes of videos, you will be able to install mods with the big boys. modders resources & tutorials ; by kartoffels.