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Where Can Adult Students Search for Scholarships College Financial Aid Office. Many scholarship donors work directly with admissions and financial aid offices to get the word out. Internet Scholarship Search. The internet is a great place to expand your scholarship search.

Most scholarship providers do not put age limits for scholarships, such as the Area of Study college scholarships are available to any students who will be enrolled in college next year). .

Jan 24, 2018 · An adult student completes the same FAFSA as a high school senior. Even if you don’t qualify for grants, you should still fill out the FAFSA to get access to federal student loans. Federal loans typically have lower interest rates and more generous repayment terms than private loans, helping you save money. Unigo $10K Scholarship Author: Kat Tretina.

Who Can Apply. Current or prospective adult students, returning students, adult learners, and non-traditional students. For the purpose of this scholarship "adult student" includes all individuals who .