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Dark times are coming for the Wizarding World, but for young Severus Snape, the dark times are already here. Though he is only barely seventeen years of age, he will be forced to endure hardships that no young adult should face. There is comfort in the darkness, but the darkness still stands with a gaping maw ready to devour any that get in its.

Located: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Snape/Hermione: Harry Potter is dead. The Order of the Phoenix is scattered to the wind, and Hermione Granger stumbles across the dying Slytherin who betrayed them all. Sparks will fly as she learns to survive the darkening world, and discovers truths about Severus Snape that both frighten and.

Located: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Snape/Lily Determined to drive Severus away from the Dark side, Lily feigns to join him in his service to the Dark Lord. She cannot imagine that her reputation is the least of the things she will lose.

Severus desperately tries to find a way to remove his son from the Dursleys' abusive home. Written for the thematichp Round 7 – Vows and life debts Prompt 30 Snape knows he is Harry’s father, but his desperate attempts to gain custody fail.