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All forms of sexual immorality are, in one way or another, violations of God's marriage law. To understand God's will regarding sexual morality, we need to start by studying His will for marriage, then we can see the relationship to sexual morality. A. The Origin of Marriage. Genesis 1:26-28 - .

From the Greek por·neiʹa, a general term for all unlawful sexual intercourse.It includes adultery, prostitution, sexual relations between unmarried individuals, homosexuality, and bestiality. It is used figuratively in Revelation with regard to a religious prostitute called “Babylon the Great” to describe her consorting with the rulers of this world for power and material gain.

Jul 01, 2014 · Sexual morality is one of the most discussed yet often misunderstood aspects of the Bible. Now, renowned New Testament scholar Fr. Raymond F. Collins provides you with an overview of just about everything that the New Testament has to say about sexual responsibility and ethics. In this 12-lecture audio course, you will come to understand some 5/5.