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Texas Health and Human Services licenses and surveys facilities to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations to protect Texans who are receiving long-term care services. Day Activity Health Services are facilities that provide services under a day activity and health services.

Sep 23, 2013 · Federal Funding for Adult Day Care Most grant funding the Federal Government earmarks for use by adult day cares is offered through a block or formula grants process. These are not grants that those operating a day care facility would apply for.

Applying for a Grant The process an applicant must follow to apply for funds is different for eGrants and paper applications. eGrant Applications: An eGrant is an online grant application that is published through eGrants, TEA’s electronic grants system.Author: Virginia Ruiz.

By awarding grants, Texas Health and Human Services makes it possible for program areas and contracted providers to pursue new projects and carry out program services and supports that are aligned with the agency’s mission and goals. Grandparents or step-grandparents who are 55 or older and care for a child 18 or younger or an adult age.