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Word Count: How Many Words In a Novel? young adult novel word count

Word count for novels and books is something I don’t think about too often until I travel to a writers’ conference, and then someone asks a simple, innocent question: “How long should a book be?” With that in mind, I’ve tried to put together the definitive post on word count for fiction (novels, young adult, middle grade, children’s books and even memoir).

The longest is The Order of the Phoenix with a word count of 257,000 words. Most young adult novels fall between 55,000 and 70,000 words. Memoir Word Count. Ideal word count: 80,000 words. Like a general fiction novel, a good target word count for a memoir is 80,000 words. 70,000 words is probably too short and 100,000 words or more is too long.

Upper middle grade can hit in the 50k word count range (possibly longer, if it's something really special). Young Adult: Young adult fiction allows for a lot of flexibility in word count. And as you’ve probably guessed it is sitting pretty right in between middle grade and adult. YA manuscripts can have a word count anywhere from 55k to 90k.

The word count range for Young Adult is 55,000 to 90,000.With books like Twilight at 118,975 words and Divergent at 105,143 words, this genre has been trending higher. Here are more examples.