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Dec 07, 2013 · Barack Obama has flat type of a nose that is also wide. The wide flat nose is a variety among people of African descent. Its named that way since it comes from the fact that it tends to be wide at the nostrils. Like the Asian flat type of a nose it is has a low bridge. Another name for this nose type is Nubian nose. It has a base that is very wide.

Your nasal bridge is the bony area at the top of your nose. If you have a low nasal bridge, that area is flat and doesn’t protrude. The degree of flatness can vary depending on the person.Author: Rose Kivi.

Flat nose bridge: Introduction. Flat nose bridge: Flat nose bridge is a nasal bridge that has a flat shape. See detailed information below for a list of 70 causes of Flat nose bridge, including diseases and drug side effect causes.» Review Causes of Flat nose bridge: Causes Flat nose bridge Treatments. Review further information on Flat nose bridge Treatments.Next: Causes of Flat nose bridge.

Asian rhinoplasty is often done to give the patient a more traditionally "Western" looking nose, by adding a bridge to make it higher and appear more narrow. LEARN MORE › Questions about Asian Rhinoplasty and Flat Nose Bridge, with answers from board-certified doctors.