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Intimate partner sexual assault is an assault that is committed by a current or past spouse or boyfriend. Forced intercourse within a marriage is often called "marital rape." Like other forms of domestic violence, marital rape is about exerting power and control over one’s partner. Historically, marital or intimate partner rape was not.

Intimate partner and sexual violence can result in short- and long-term physical, sexual and reproductive, and mental health problems. Although males can also be victims, females are disproportionately affected. Prevention strategies include: In .

Intimate partner sexual violence is all about the abuser’s desire for control. Degrading his partner and forcing her into acts she tries to reject gives some abusers an extra thrill. Others may.

Sexual abuse and rape are used in combination with other methods of abuse in intimate partner relationships in several ways. As with any of the other types of abuse, sexual violence is commonly used to control and regulate the behavior of the victim.Author: Meghanm.