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Jan 25, 2002 · Directed by Steve Oedekerk. With Steve Oedekerk, Fei Lung, Leo Lee, Ling-Ling Hsieh. A rough-around-the-edges martial arts master seeks revenge for his parent's death.6.2/10(42K).

Kung Pow sound clips. TRACKS: 29 CATEGORY: MOVIES RIGHTS: PERSONAL VIEWS: 69,335. Movie Comedy Kung Pow Kung Pow sound clips Action. Surprisingly funny, a great comedy with lots of action and plenty of belly laughs. It was quite refreshing compared to some so called comedies. This is an excellent film with plenty of entertainment and something.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist is a 2002 American martial arts comedy film that parodies Hong Kong action cinema. Written, directed by and starring Steve Oedekerk, it uses footage from the 1976 Hong Kong martial arts film Tiger & Crane Fists (also called Savage Killers), along with new footage shot by Oedekerk, to create an original, unrelated plot.Music by: Robert Folk.

The best sound clips of quotes and movie lines sampled from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002). All the selected audio files can be freely downloaded. Actors (voice): Steve Oedekerk (The Chosen One and most of the original cast's voices) Buy DVD on Amazon.