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Breast swelling can cause noticeable changes. For example, your breasts might become noticeably larger. Veins in your breasts might become more visible as swelling brings them closer to your skin.Author: Rachel Nall, RN, BSN.

"The redness must have rubbed off the bra," was my first thought. Closer examination led to the alarming conclusion that the redness was coming from within my breast. I had no other symptoms of what I now know to be ibc -- no swelling, no warmth, no peau d'orange, no pain. Just the very puzzling redness.

Any breast swelling, whether it is on one side or both, is likely to be a cause for concern as the worry of breast cancer is always on a woman’s mind. While it is absolutely necessary for all breast swellings or lumps to be evaluated by a doctor, in most cases they do turn out to be non-threatening in nature and can be treated effectively.

A breast lump is a common first sign of cancer, perhaps found during a breast self-examination. Other symptoms include a change in the breast's appearance or shape, swelling, lumps in the underarm area and nipple discharge. Know what signs and symptoms could be cause for a doctor visit to check for breast cancer with expert advice from Sharecare.