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Update on the Safety of Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants (2011) - Executive Summary | FDA complications with cohesive gel breast implants

Jun 23, 2019 · Gummy bear implants promise to give breast augmentation patients a more natural look with fewer complications. Form-stable implants, also known as gummy bear or teardrop-shaped implants, are a compelling option for women seeking a low-risk breast augmentation technique, with a wide range of natural-looking shapes and sizes to choose from.

“Cohesive gel” is an old term but in the context of breast implants it is an oxymoron. The technology employed to fabricate gel-filled breast implants requires that the gel be transformed from an invasive liquid to a stable semi-solid. This is achieved by mixing reactive liquid chemicals in .

Complications Caused By Cohesive Gel Implants A serious and not uncommon complication caused by cohesive gel implants is capsular contracture. This is a condition that occurs when the tissues and collagen in the breast and surrounding the implant start to identify the implant as a foreign body.

The newest generation of silicone gel implants (by both manufacturers in the US) consist of a strong silicone elastomer shell surrounding a cohesive silicone gel filler that is a soft, rubbery, solid--sort of like Jello, but not an oozing, liquid substance like older implants (the ones sometimes featured on TV and now YouTube videos).